Discover kolivi!
Content sharing for the Enterprise


Lean and mean interface.
On your mobile and on your computer.

Serve the collective goal

Facilitate content sharing.
Make new information visible.
Content is easy to modify.


Secured access.
Traceability of all contributions.
Retention of changes history.

Intuitive and adaptable

The structure evolves along with content and needs.
Link your informations together in all directions. Web content with hyperlink navigation.​
Based on wiki principles, kolivi comes with an inherent flexibility which makes continuous adaptation possible and easy.
Slick and easy-to-use interface designed for getting contributors quickly on board.

Serve the collective goal

kolivi is an efficient content sharing application for your Enterprise.
Take advantage of the collective strengths by facilitating the access to the contribution.
Manages can leverage on employees resourcefulness, which are frequently underestimated, to enhance, improve and maintain information, while having better visibility on what happens.
This approach opens the path to more pragmatic work processes, especially on the way team needs to work in a transverse manner, and also with external partners.
Technology gives way to collective content and success.


kolivi is secured on both technical and functional aspects.
Encrypted https, integrated, SAML or oAuth2 (Office 365, others) authentication and regular updates provide a high level of security.
From a functional aspect, in adequation with wiki approach, any contribution is recorded and can be retrieved from the page history. Nothing is deleted.


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